The college is the turning point of our life. Work a lot, have a little fun. If it sounds pretty great, that’s because it absolutely is. Here are a few comparisons that you’ll experience during your transition into the college lifestyle High School.In high school, you know everyone in your class.And you easy to mingle with friends.But College life is totally different from high school. The various characters persons are joined together.That time we will take more time to understand their characters.The joyful moment has placed the first place in college life.The turning point of the college life is campus interview.This is the important moment in every student’s life.The No1 College in Karur has taken more care in this interview. We had provided the various life lifting training to their students.

Why corporate companies catch students from placement

1.Access to individuals with higher-level skills who can bring new ideas to the company

The benefits to an employer from the high-level skills a graduate can provide are maximised in a high-quality placement which is carefully conceived and the best candidate identified so that the student’s knowledge or interests are relevant to the business.

2.An additional resource

An inherent strength of a fixed-term placement is that it allows the employer to draw upon a temporary, and thus flexible, the source of talent. Businesses often have discrete project requirements that lend themselves perfectly to a temporary appointment, particularly for an articulate individual with higher level skills.

3.Add significant value to their business

Placement students that bring new ideas and an additional resource to a business will frequently, in turn, add significant value to the employing organisation.

4.A route to support future recruitment

Taking on a placement student holds considerably fewer risks than recruiting a new full-time employee and a high-quality placement has the potential to identify key staff over the longer term that will eventually lead the business and help it grow. This is coupled with the benefit that little initial training is needed to convert a placement student into a fully-fledged member of a graduate programme, given their prior familiarity with the business.

5.Supporting students to gain employability skills.

Placements form an important part of a business’s ethos, corporate social responsibilities and identity by developing the skills of local students or those that are important to the future of their industry.

In conclusion, ultimately a high-quality placement should provide benefits for all parties involved.This placement process has equal involvement of college and students co-ordination.The Valluvar college has treated their students like next Indian billers.We are No1 College in Karur for providing Discipline with a quality education.For more details about our college to click on our website (


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